Monthly Archives: December 2008

Madison’s Gingerbread House

A few weeks ago, Madison and I saw an advertisement in the base services magazine about a Gingerbread House Contest at the community center and Madison thought we should enter it.  So we bought a book about how to bake gingerbread houses and made one.  We spent four days making it – one day baking the gingerbread, one day assembling the pieces, and two days decorating.  Matt even helped with the decorating one day.

Anyway, I was really nervous for her because she had her hopes way up – she was sure we were going to win the contest.  There were five houses entered, but only two in the kids category.  I wasn’t sure whether we should enter in the kids category, since she had a lot of help from Matt and I, but a lot of the ideas were hers and she did help a lot so I told that to the people in charge and they agreed that it could be entered in the kids category – yeah – and she got first place!  And first prize (I didn’t even know there were prizes) was $50 in AAFES gift certificates.

She asked me to take this picture after she got her prize and said “I’m sending this picture to my grandmas!”  She was so proud.  I’m making her wait till after Christmas to spend them though, although I did suggest that she use one to buy me a Christmas present 🙂

Notice how we are still wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts.  Yeah, it’s that warm here.  It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s so warm outside, but making a gingerbread house definitely helps…