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Wordless Wednesday

Wow, I haven’t updated since last Wednesday 😦 Sorry… I really am going to. We got back home Sunday night, late. Monday was laundry and cleaning, Tuesday was grocery shopping, so maybe today I will have time to do some sort of an update… maybe…

In the meantime, here is my Wordless Wednesday post – another picture from our vacation, this time at Jamestown. Hopefully next week I will have some wedding pictures!

We’re back…

…kind of…


We got home from our trip to Virginia on Thursday night – our plane landed around 8:00 pm, we went out for dinner, then I came home, unpacked, and spent Friday morning doing laundry and repacking for our trip to Kansas, which we left for on Friday afternoon, and we are still here. My brother is getting married on Friday, so the stress level around here is extremely high.

Regardless of that, we have been doing an excellent job getting school done away from home – I guess I will do a three week “weekly” report on Friday since I have been neglecting that. Actually, I probably won’t do it on Friday, since I think that is going to be a pretty busy day… maybe Saturday 🙂

So, about our trip – it was really great! It has been three years since I have seen most of my aunts and uncles out there, so they haven’t seen Madison since she was 1. They pretty much had the week planned out for us, which was great, and we got to spend a little time one on one with everyone, which was also great. Here is a brief run down (okay, I’ll be honest, it probably won’t be brief, but I am going to try!)

Friday: We flew out to VA, with a layover in Baltimore. We did school at the airport, then ate dinner at the Hot Dog King, a family favorite.

Saturday: We spent the day with my Uncle Don, Aunt Sharon, and cousins James and Amber. We went to the Air and Space Museum, Madison got a haircut (yes, on vacation… James was getting one and she wanted one too…), then we had dinner at Plaza Azteca – very yummy.

Sunday: After church, we spent the afternoon with my Uncle Jack, Aunt Deborah and cousin Joey. We went to Buckroe Beach, Chuck E. Cheese, then ate dinner back at the house.

Monday: My Uncle Jack took the day off of work and Joey took the day off of school to take us to the Virginia Aquarium. We ate dinner at the Crab Shack.

Tuesday: My grandma took Madison and I to the “historic triangle” in Virginia – Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. We’ve been reading books about Williamsburg and Jamestown for the last few weeks to get ready for the trip, so that Madison would already know what was going on, and I think it will be really neat when we actually get to studying them in history to pull out these pictures – and maybe she will remember something. I could have spent a whole week there, but a day was probably good for Madison at this age. I know we’ll be back someday. We ate barbeque from Pierce’s in Williamsburg… so good…

Wednesday: We went to the Virginia Living Museum with my grandma, James and Amber. It was really neat, kind of like a zoo with lots of animals, but other stuff too. I highly recommend it. But, they charged me the kids price… I really don’t think I look twelve (especially when I am holding my 4 year old daughter), but it saved me $3, so I guess I won’t complain.

Thursday: Another day at the airport – and more school. Madison cried when Granny and Bob dropped us off.

And a few more pictures that I just like:

I guess I did get my field trip week after all – and we still managed to get a week of school done 🙂 The only sad part of the trip is that Busch Gardens hadn’t opened yet. Maybe next time…

Sketch Tuesday

Last week, Madison was drawing on the easel she got for Christmas.  Matt asked her to draw a house, then a flower, a tree, a dog, a car, a truck, etc.

I was amazed at how much her drawing has improved, and I thought maybe it was time to add something art related into our curriculum other than free time at her art center.  I have seen a lot of people participating in Harmony Art Mom’s Sketch Tuesday and decided to add that to our week.  The assignment this week was to draw a dinner plate, with or without food.  Here is Madison’s interpretation:

And just in case you can’t tell what that is supposed to be, here is one with subtitles 🙂  Click on the picture to see it larger.

If you want to participate, head over to Harmony Art Mom’s blog – all ages welcome 🙂

Week Off Report

In my last weekly report, I ended with these famous last words “Have a great week – I know mine is going to be better!

Not so much.  Taking a week off was a great decision, because we ending up having a very long week.  But, regardless of the negative things, we did manage quite a few positives as well. 

Even though we were taking a week off, Madison still did Headsprout.  She had such a great rythym going with that; I didn’t want to mess it up.  We are on track to finish the first half on Thursday!  And it is still going great.

We didn’t get to take as many field trips as I hoped this week, but we did have a few.  On Tuesday, we went to see the Bee Movie.  It was pretty cute – definitely worth the 50 cents I paid, but I don’t think we’ll be buying the DVD.  Madison did like it.

On Thursday, we went to the Oklahoma State Capitol.  Did you know we are the only state to have an active oil well on capitol grounds?  We had a good time – it always surprises me how much Madison loves these trips.  You would think there is nothing for a 4 year old to do at the capitol, but she looks around, listens to me read the plaques, takes pictures – and she never wants to leave.  Here are a few pictures from our trip…

My mom and dad came up to visit for the weekend and on Saturday we went to the Oklahoma National Memorial.  It was a very interesting experience – educational, but very somber.  Here are a few pictures from that as well…

Anyway, we are back to the grind this week, refreshed and ready to start up again.  We are going to try to add some hymn study this week, ala Charlotte Mason, as well as participating in the Green Hour Challenge and Sketch Tuesday, both located at Harmony Art Mom’s blog.  Look for an early weekly report from me – if I post one at all, it will be on Thursday night.  We are flying to Virginia on Friday morning to visit my grandma.

Double Tagged!

Brittany at King Alfred Academy and Celly at Busy At Home both tagged me with this meme:

What’s on my desk? 

Well, technically, I don’t have a desk right now, since we are in transit.  I did, however, buy one to set the computer on, mostly for Madison to use when she does her reading lessons.  It was easier to have a place to set the laptop up where we could leave the webcam, the speakers and the printer all the time.  So this is the cheapest desk they currently sell at Wal-mart, since we plan to give it away when we move in a few months.

On the desk, we have the laptop, the printer, and the speakers.  I also have a letter from Kelly at Okinawa Raw on top of two Japanese Alphabet books she sent me all the way Okinawa (thanks again 🙂 )  Oh, and my cell phone, next to the printer.

On the side shelves, I have all our library books and our printer paper.  Underneath the desk is the books we have already read and my library bag, and a speaker that goes with our TV.  We just keep it under the desk so it is out of the way…

On top of the desk on the right is Madison’s progress chart for Headsprout, and on the left is a 100 chart that came with my Ruth Beechick book The Three R’s. We actually have used that chart quite a bit since I put it up; much more than I thought we would.  I was surprised.

In the drawer, I have CDR’s that I bought to make Madison’s memory CD, and that’s all.

Now, this is not truly an accurate representation of what is normally on my desk, when I have a desk, in my normal life.  A more accurate representation would be what I have on top of my dryer right now, but I am not going to take a picture of that 🙂  It’s bad…

I am supposed to tag 5 more people, but it seems like most of the blogs I read have already been tagged.  If you want to share what’s on your desk, check out the details at Apollos Academy and leave me a comment so I can check it out!