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Week Five Report

We had an eventful week… after spending the weekend in Kansas visiting my grandparents (we got home late Monday night), Madison had a little bit of a relapse with her cold and we spent Tuesday night in the emergency room.  She had an ear infection which I am pretty sure is gone now and she is a much happier child again.

Regardless of that, we had a good week.  We studied the letter T and made turtle bread, did math lessons, bible lessons.  Since all that is relatively the same as every other week, I won’t bore you too much with the details, but here are some pictures of our week 🙂

 The start of our alphabet quilt

Our “Turtle Bread” – it was actually really good!

Copying a letter she “wrote” with Starfall – this was her idea, just for fun 🙂

 Making crafts at Storytime

We also went to a Blazers Hockey game last night – we got free tickets from our apartment complex – and, surprisingly, it was really fun!



One exciting decision I made this week was about Japanese… I have really been at a loss for what to do here, but after visiting with Kelly from the Okinawa Raw blog, I have decided to chill out about it!  She suggested using the book First Thousand Words: Japanese to teach some basic vocabulary, then finding a Japanese tutor for Madison when we get to Okinawa later this spring.  I also found a website with games and other fun stuff about Japan, so I am going to use that as well to try and expose Madison to Japanese culture.  I let her play the kimono game this week and when she dressed herself for storytime this week, she decided she needed an “obi.”  Of course, I had to let her wear it… luckily she took it off before we got to the grocery store 🙂

Another neat thing I learned from Kelly’s blog is that on Okinawa, we will be able to use the elementary school library if we register as homeschoolers, and we will have the option of enrolling Madison in school just for specials (gym, art and/or music).  I am not sure yet if we will do this, but I am really excited about the possibility!

I have been reading a lot about long term goals on the Well Trained Mind site this week, so my goal for next week is to map out the goals I have for Madison’s education.  I have some very vague ones set in my mind, but I haven’t made any definite decisions about what to do with them.  I would really like to set up a teacher’s notebook like the one I saw at Trivium Academy, but I think I might make that my goal for the month of February 🙂

I am also going to be doing a little bit of construction on this blog this week (at least I am hoping to try).  I have some ideas to experiment with, but I am not a master of HTML, so you will have to bear with me if the site is a mess this week 🙂

Have a great week!