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Week Off Report

In my last weekly report, I ended with these famous last words “Have a great week – I know mine is going to be better!

Not so much.  Taking a week off was a great decision, because we ending up having a very long week.  But, regardless of the negative things, we did manage quite a few positives as well. 

Even though we were taking a week off, Madison still did Headsprout.  She had such a great rythym going with that; I didn’t want to mess it up.  We are on track to finish the first half on Thursday!  And it is still going great.

We didn’t get to take as many field trips as I hoped this week, but we did have a few.  On Tuesday, we went to see the Bee Movie.  It was pretty cute – definitely worth the 50 cents I paid, but I don’t think we’ll be buying the DVD.  Madison did like it.

On Thursday, we went to the Oklahoma State Capitol.  Did you know we are the only state to have an active oil well on capitol grounds?  We had a good time – it always surprises me how much Madison loves these trips.  You would think there is nothing for a 4 year old to do at the capitol, but she looks around, listens to me read the plaques, takes pictures – and she never wants to leave.  Here are a few pictures from our trip…

My mom and dad came up to visit for the weekend and on Saturday we went to the Oklahoma National Memorial.  It was a very interesting experience – educational, but very somber.  Here are a few pictures from that as well…

Anyway, we are back to the grind this week, refreshed and ready to start up again.  We are going to try to add some hymn study this week, ala Charlotte Mason, as well as participating in the Green Hour Challenge and Sketch Tuesday, both located at Harmony Art Mom’s blog.  Look for an early weekly report from me – if I post one at all, it will be on Thursday night.  We are flying to Virginia on Friday morning to visit my grandma.