Monthly Archives: February 2014

All my life…

All my life has been a series of doors in my face. No, not really. I’ve just always wanted to say that. What this post is really about is what I heard over lunch. All my life my mom has said “This is lunch.” or “This is dinner.” or “This is breakfast.” Well, at lunch today (we were eating out at Carlos O’ Kelly’s) I was calmly eating my kid’s meal when I heard a voice from a few tables over. It was a mom telling her child that “This is lunch.” We had quite the laugh over that.

YAY!!! (4 me!)

My mom has not posted on this blog since we lived in Japan, so she decided that I am responsible enough to run a blog. She officially gave the blog to me.The big logo, picture-y thingy at the top is way outdated. Our family has grown a bit we took that picture and it will be replaced as soon as I have time.

This is kid #2 (I am kid #1)


And this is kid #3