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Madison’s Handsome Bathroom (Our home, part 2)

When we were cleaning yesterday, Madison went to grab the camera so we could take a picture of her bathroom to put on the blog. According to her, she has the “handsomest” bathroom. Since we do have three bathrooms in this house, I let her choose how she wanted hers decorated for the first time. She chose frogs. It’s not my favorite, but it’s not my bathroom.

On a positive note, we already had the green shower curtain. It’s not a perfect match, but I’m happy with it.

I found these little frog suction cups things at the 100 yen store last week and thought they would work really well for hanging up her bows, since, once again, the walls are all tile and we can’t really hang anything up. So far they have stayed, so I’m happy.

And yes Mom, I know you want to see the living room, but you have to wait until Matt comes home so he can push the entertainment center against the wall!

Welcome to our home! (Part 1)

After almost three months in Japan, I am finally feeling settled enough to post pictures of our house.  I have received all of the furniture and curtains I ordered, and most of my pictures are up on the wall.  So, welcome to the first part of our home tour:  the Master bedroom and bathroom.

Here’s our Master bedroom…

This room is upstairs – all of the bedrooms are upstairs.  Matt painted the walls blue for me, and the curtains are from our living room in Missouri.  It’s funny when you move so much, you end up with stacks of curtains that don’t fit any of your current windows.  It was nice to find curtains that fit!  Also notice the box unit on the wall.  This house doesn’t have central air.  Instead each room has it’s own box unit.  It really hasn’t been too bad yet.  A few days in the summer were bad, when I had been baking and it was really hot, but I started baking in the morning instead and it hasn’t bothered us since.  Actually, we are lucky that this room has a ceiling fan, but there are two lights that are both on the same switch, so we can’t run the fan at night unless we want to sleep with a light on…  Oh well.  Like I said, it hasn’t been too bad yet.

This is the only one of our dressers we brought.  We have another matching chest, but because of our weight restriction, we only brought the dresser and Matt and I are sharing it.  The pictures on the wall are our wedding picture and a wedding cross-stitch my mom made for us.  And you can see in this picture that the floor is schoolhouse tile.  We bought a rug that covers most of the floor, which is also nice because we have to run the cable cord across the floor.  Since the rug covers most of that up, there’s less of a chance we’ll trip on it 🙂  I’m rethinking my decision to buy a white rug though.  Not sure what I was thinking there.  It gets dirty really fast, and carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs is not great fun.

And these are our closets.  They are ugly, for sure, but it’s really nice having those extra cabinets on top.  We can fit a lot of stuff in there, which is nice since there’s not a lot of storage.  And they are deeper than they look.

And here is our lovely Master bathroom…

The toilet is behind the door.  Things I like about our Master bathroom?

1) Having one!  That is really nice, although it is pretty much the family bathroom.  More often than not, Madison takes her baths in here too.

2) Really good water pressure!  In fact, its almost too much for me, which is very rare.

3) This is the only faucet in the house that can accommodate a water filter.  Unfortunately, the water here has lead in it, so I bought filters for all the sinks.  However, the filters don’t fit on any of the other faucets.  So we all brush our teeth in here, and all the water in the kitchen is filtered through a Brita water pitcher.  Since that is getting really old, Matt is supposed to be bringing home a new kitchen faucet when he comes back from the states.

Things I don’t like?

1) The mirror, which is a medicine cabinet, is so high on the wall I can’t see into it.  I imagine this is something Matt likes about the bathroom, but I really don’t.

2) The cabinet is not attached to the wall very well.  When we first moved in, it appeared to be, but over the last couple months, the caulking as completely detached and I’ve discovered it’s not really installed.  That’s something I should probably call the housing office about, but it’s pretty low on my priority list.

It’s also tiny, but that doesn’t bother me too much.  This house has three bathrooms, which is crazy to me, for base housing.  And the yellow tile everywhere is not my favorite.  You can’t really hang anything on it, so the walls are bare.  But overall, I’m pretty happy with how the bedroom and the bathroom turned out.