So, funny story…

Watch the video before you read my post below. It’s from about two years ago when we lived in Florida – Madison is three. Sorry for the poor quality and that you’ll have to tip your head sideways to watch part of it…

So, when we moved to Okinawa, I really wanted to buy something with third row seating. I knew we were going to be having another baby, and anything smaller would be a tight squeeze, especially when our family comes to visit (hint, hint). But we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, so we settled on the Dingo because we wanted a car right away. Having no transportation is not fun.

I really like the Dingo and wasn’t really planning on getting something else, but after going up to Okuma for the week, we realized just how little we can fit in that car and how helpful a bigger vehicle would be. So spur of the moment, a few weeks ago, we drove by the Lemon Lot on base here to see if there was anything we liked and we found – you guessed it – a minivan!! Okay, it’s not really a minivan, it’s more like a full size van, but close enough. Exactly the sort of car we were NEVER planning to buy.

And the biggest surprise? I am really excited about it! We are going to pick it up tomorrow and I will post a picture later. It’s huge.

Now I need to start focusing on selling our old car 😦


9 thoughts on “So, funny story…

  1. That video is too cute! Kenzie tried to hold Madison’s hand in the beginning when she is holding it out.

    Congrats on the new van! I foresee something like that in our future.

  2. First off…love the look of the blog! Very nice seeing your smiling faces up at the top!

    That is too funny! Your dh gave in! Guess that makes you guys “old” now! Tee Hee!

  3. That’s funny. We just bought a mini-van right before I had Dylan even though we said we would never get one and I love it. They’re not so bad.

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