The Kids’ Room! (Our home, part 3)

We are down to less than two months till the baby is born, so that is definitely going to change things up around here. We’ve been a one child family for quite a while. Everything is ready for the baby though – my hospital bag is packed, the room is ready… There are a few things I’d still like to buy, but they are necessarily necessary. I would like a glider rocker and I am having a really hard time finding one over here. At least finding a semi attractive one.

Madison and the baby are going to be sharing a room – we just don’t have that much space in this house! I think it will work out though. Madison is really looking forward to being a big sister. Anyway, here are some pictures of Madison’s room/the nursery. The ducks things are the same as we used in Madison’s nursery, although my mom did make a new matching quilt for the baby – we intentionally bought extra fabric when when Madison was born so that I could reuse the nursery stuff but each child would have their own quilt.

The baby crib. The walls are actually orange. They look kind of yellow in this picture.

Madison’s bed. I’m planning to put their names over their beds, but I’m waiting till we pick a boy name so that the letters will match. We still haven’t decided 100% on a name – suggestions are welcome…

This is Madison’s shelf and her area for her personal stuff…

and this is the baby’s dresser and space for his personal stuff.

Instead of buying a new dresser, we bought these shelves for the closet for Madison’s clothes and the baby will use Madison’s old dresser. There are actually three shelves; there is a blue one is behind the closet door. They were about $12 each (1180 Yen) and the bins were $10, so it’s a nice storage solution for about $60. She does a pretty good job keeping her clothes on the shelf so far.

We have all of Madison’s toys in a closet under the stairs – part of my peace offering for making her share a room with a boy. It’s a tight squeeze, but at least this way she will still have her own space, even after the baby is born. Here are a few pictures of her toy room:

So now we are about halfway through the home tour… look for more later!


One thought on “The Kids’ Room! (Our home, part 3)

  1. Hey Amy…

    Just checking in with you. I am pretty sure you should have had a stork deliver you bundle of joy recently. Details?

    Hope you are doing okay and that you have settled into your new place.


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