Go Dog Go!

I haven’t done many posts about homeschool lately.  This week will be week 9 for us, so the end of our first quarter and I’ll try to get something together and post it this week.  It’s hard because I feel like there is so much to say, I don’t know where to start.

But today Madison did something for the first time that I really wanted to share.  We have been working really hard on reading – and she is getting really good at reading.  I am so proud of her.  Last week, we were at someone’s house and she started reading one of their books.  I had just mentioned that I am homeschooling her and one of the parents said “Well, it looks like that is really working for you.  She’s a great reader.”

But anyway, today, for the first time, Madison went to the bookshelf and picked up a book and started reading it just for fun while I was on the phone.  Yeah!  It was Go Dog Go.  And she read the whole book on her own –  well, she did ask me about two words, but to me, that is great success.  Not only that she could read the whole book, but she wanted to.  For fun.  Yeah!


2 thoughts on “Go Dog Go!

  1. That’s awesome. So do you think she would like books for the holidays? I don’t mean holiday related but as gifts…I’ll probably run titles by you to make sure you don’t have them, but let me know please. I’ve seen some pretty fun books lately. What’s the extent to her reading level?? I can’t say I have ever read Go Dog Go personally 🙂

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