My ramblings for today…

I almost went to bed without posting anything today!  Oops…

I had a pretty good day today, despite the fact that it didn’t get off to a great start.  This morning, I was planning to volunteer at the Gift Corner while Madison had a play date with some friends we’ve made here.  Unfortunately, on my way to drop her off, I discovered I had a flat tire.  No idea how that happened.  I have the worst luck with tires.  I was very concerned and not really sure how to solve the problem – Matt’s gone, I can’t change a tire, and I was off base.  Considering my past history with tires, you’d think I’d take the time to learn how to change one…  Luckily, the Auto Hobby Shop here will come out and put on your spare for no charge if you have an AF Club Card.  Awesome!  And after it was fixed, I drove straight to the car care center on base, where they had the right tire in stock and were able to fit me in right away.  Crisis averted 🙂  And my friend who was babysitting even let me borrow her car so that I could volunteer at the Gift Corner as planned and we took care of the tire situation after lunch.

Besides that, we had a pretty good day.  I took Madison to get her haircut (just a trim), we went out for pizza, and we rented the Kit movie for family movie night.  When I realized that I had a flat this morning, I thought it was going to be a bad day, but it turned out pretty good after all.  I think we might go get pedicures tomorrow – check out these awesome toes – I’ve been looking forward to that since we found out we were moving here!


One thought on “My ramblings for today…

  1. We loved Kit, what did you think!? Dd said it was a bit different from the book, but still good!

    Love the toes! Have FUN!

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