It’s a boy!

So I don’t know if any of you noticed the clue in my post yesterday, but we had a sonogram a couple weeks ago and found out we’re having a boy!  Matt, of course, is thrilled.  I didn’t care either way, so I’m happy too.  Madison is, well, a little disappointed.  A few days ago, we were going to go shopping a buy a new crib.  When I told her, she didn’t want to go.  I’m pretty sure she thought if we didn’t buy a new crib, we wouldn’t have to have the baby…  I’m sure she’ll get over it, but she seems to be taking it pretty hard

And while we are on the subject of babies and pregnancy, why is it that people think they need to touch your belly when you’re pregnant?  Today I was at the store, standing in line, when the lady in front of me touched my stomach and asked if we knew what we were having.  It’d be one thing if it was someone I knew, but she was a stranger!  And since we were standing in line, I was stuck making akward conversation with her until she got to the front.  It was a long line.  Then we saw her again at a restaurant – I had a sudden craving for cheesecake, which is very weird because I don’t really like cheesecake – and she stopped to talk to me again like we were old friends or something.  I don’t understand…  maybe I was just cranky today…

And before you ask, yes, we have chosen a name.  Matt chose one and I chose one.  Unfortunately, we haven’t chosen one that we can both agree on.  I’ll have to keep you posted on that.  Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. Congratulations on the little boy!!! They are SO different from little girls. Good thing he will have a big sister that will be able to help keep up with him. Boys don’t sit still for a minute. Little gils, from my observation only, seem to be content with activities that are quieter and calmer. Maybe I’m wrong and I know not all boys or girls fit the typical stereotype. We are so excited for you guys!! As for boy names, we had a terrible time coming up with a name. I called Tyler – Clayton until about 2 months before he was born. Clayton was my pick before we settled on Tyler. Good luck with the name game. I am sure Madison will come around. It is hard when you are 5 years old and your world is about to be turned upside down, especially if she was hoping for a sister. As for strangers touching your belly, I think it bothers most pregnant women. They wouldn’t walk up to you if your belly wasn’t sticking out and touch your belly nor do you walk up to heavy women and touch their bellies just because they stick out. Crazy how people think pregnant bellies are public domain.
    I hope you are feeling good these days!
    Stephanie Massey

  2. Congrats! Madison will get over it! I know I did! I wanted what ever I had first…for the second to be the same. Since being a military family on one income..and very practical….I thought they could share room, clothes, toys…etc. Well, God had a different plan. He gave me a girl and I am glad look at all I would have missed out on. The Girlie stuff, ya know! BUT Boys ARE SOOOO much easier!

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