I love fall!

People say that there aren’t really seasons here in Okinawa – it’s warm weather year round.  I’m a little sad about that.  I love seasons and I especially love the fall.  One of my favorite things about living in Missouri was driving down the back roads in the fall when all the leaves were changing colors, and that is one thing I will definitely miss while living here amid all the palm trees

However, today I realized that the leaves on the tree in my front yard have changed to yellow and are falling to the ground.  So far, this is the only tree I have seen on Okinawa with yellow leaves and it’s in my front yard!  The weather is still unseasonably hot and humid, but I am feeling so blessed to have this beautiful tree to look at.

Ironically, when we moved in two months ago, I didn’t like the tree at all.  It was dropping berries onto the sidewalk, which were then tracked into my house.  I think I will appreciate the berries a lot more next summer now that I realize that this tree also loses it’s leaves 🙂

And regardless of the weather, it’s fall inside our house too – we bought lots of pumpkins to roast and puree and we are making homemade pumpkin pies, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin play-doh… the list goes on.   I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for Thanksgiving this year, but I have plenty of pumpkin frozen for that too.  I love fall…


6 thoughts on “I love fall!

  1. I’m so glad you have a yellow tree right in front of your house! I love having seasons too and fall is definitely my favorite.

  2. Isn’t it fantastically amazing that God cares about the little things too! A beautiful tree you will be able to see from your front window!

    Fall is our favorite time of the year as well and I’m hoping to see more color than I have.

    Hope all is well for you and your family!

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