A good day…

I had such a good day today.  Probably the best day I’ve had since moving to Okinawa.  Since moving here, I have had a much harder time adjusting than I have in the past.  Normally, I think I adjust pretty quickly, but for some reason, I have not been able to do that here.  Anyway, today was a really great day for me.  Why?  A few things, and all of them are kind of silly…

1)  They had pumpkins at the commissary!! I have been really sad that we weren’t going to get to go to a pumpkin patch this year – they just don’t grow pumpkins here – and I was afraid that I wasn’t even going to be able to buy a pumpkin.  I have heard that we normally get one shipment and if you don’t get to the grocery store within the first few days of the pumpkins arriving, you just don’t get one.  Well, today, not my normal grocery day, I just felt like I needed to go check for pumpkins.  So I went, and they had them!!  Yeah!  I bought four for baking, one for carving and one tiny one for painting.  It is amazing how happy this made me.  I had pretty much resigned myself to no pumpkins, and now I have plenty.

2) The homeschool supplies I ordered in August, a few days after we got here, finally arrived today.  I did not realize that they were going to be shipped parcel post – I would have gladly paid more for shipping if I had realized that it would take two months for the boxes to arrive – but they are finally here.  Of course, we have been doing school anyway.  Most of what came was extra, just for fun, so the fun has been missing from our weekly routine and I am so excited that it is here now!

3) Everywhere I went today, I saw at least one person I knew.  I went to Starbucks, the BX, the commissary, the post office and Pizza Hut, and saw someone I knew at every place.  Of course, the base community here is small compared to moving to an actual town, but it feels so much more like home when you run into people you know and they stop to chat with you.

Of course, a lot more happened today, but those are probably the main reasons I felt like I had a great day.  And today, I really like Okinawa…


3 thoughts on “A good day…

  1. BTW..I was thinking today of you as I left Wal-mart..I have lived in my new town for almost a month and know NO ONE, yet that would see out and about, it was a weird feeling…so you are blessed!

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