Update on my reading list

Well, we’re about halfway through the year now, so I thought I would post an update about how I’m doing on my 888 reading challenge.  A few weeks ago, I changed my list a little – I wanted to add a few more books to it…  So instead of the standard 8 categories, I have 15.  I have finished three of them completely, and I am only a few books away in a few other categories.

Not surprisingly, I have pretty much finished the “easy” categories and have barely made a dent in the more difficult ones.  There is a big section of me that just wants to drop “the classics” and read some more fun books, but that would defeat the purpose of my list, since my goal was 1) to read more quality books and 2) to read two books a week.

Total, I have read 74 of the 120 books on my list, which is almost three books a week (yeah!).  I guess I’ll pick some of those more challenging books to take on my 13 hour flight to Japan – maybe I’ll actually finish The Blithedale Romance, which I have been working on, on and off, since, well, January.  Now here’s hoping Madison will sleep and let me read 🙂

So far, my favorites and the ones I would definitely recommend are:  The Love Comes Softly Series, by Janette Oke.  I am actually not really impressed with the writing, but the story is so good, I kept reading them.  Originally only the first three were on my list for this year, but I had to add them all because I needed to know what happened!

I read a book by Elizabeth Berg last fall, Dream When You’re Feeling Blue, and I loved it.  That is what prompted me to give her her own category on my list, but I have to admit, I am pretty disappointed.  She is a fantastic writer, but so many of her books are about death and dealing with grief, reading 8 of these books was really hard.

I have also read a lot of biographies and enjoyed them as well – Eat, Pray Love, by Gilbert, How Starbucks Saved my Life, Gates, and The Year of Magical Thinking, by Didion.

Others that I really liked:  The Pilot’s Wife, by Shreve, and The Choice, by Sparks.  The Pilot’s Wife was a really shocking book, but I did like it.

When I actually started writing out this list, I realized I liked most of what I’ve been reading.  Except the Blithedale Romance.  I don’t really recommend that one.


6 thoughts on “Update on my reading list

  1. I’ve read the Love Comes Softly series at least a dozen times! Love that one!
    I LOVE to read, but I’ve noticed lately that I get distracted by other books too easily! I’ll start one and then want to start another one, so currently I have 5 books by my bed and have finished none of them! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe how much you read! I love to read, and I’m a fast reader, but I seem to have too many other demands on my time lately. I’ll do good just to read my original 56 books. I’ve read a few others lately though that don’t fit in my categories. I should add an “others” list!

    You are awesome 🙂

  3. Did you read the extra 3 in the Love Comes Softly series? They are about the Grandaughter but still you learn more about the family…etc!

  4. I read the Love Comes Softly series as well. I agree, terrible writing but such a fascinating story line. I liked the early books better than the later ones, but still liked them all!

    You do great to read that much! By the time I get time to myself at night I just want to go to sleep!

    Maybe we can get together one of these days before you leave? What would you like to do? Anything in Wichita that you’d like to hit up before you leave? Our weekends are booked, but we could def come down for a week day…

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