Check out the new issue up at HOTM…

…which I am now proud to say I am a contributor of!  About a month ago, I was asked to join the Heart of the Matter team and write for their monthly online magazine.  The June Issue is now available, and in it you can find my first article about how to create a mission statement for your homeschool, as well as lots of other great articles!  Click on this link to check it out!


4 thoughts on “Check out the new issue up at HOTM…

  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 We love FIAR and I hope you will too! Have you found the FIAR message boards? They are a wealth of information with wonderful ladies who post there! 🙂

    I have actually visited your blog once or twice from seeing you over at the Heart of the Matter! 🙂


  2. Congrats on the article! You should feel very proud of yourself….I look forward to reading more. Our children are about the same age, so it’s always nice to peek and see what others are doing. Thanks for sharing!

    Alycia in Va.

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