Our Field Trips, OKC Style (Part 1)

Since we have been in Oklahoma City, I have been trying to cram all of the really neat and fun things around here into our schedule. Initially, we were just randomly going to different places, but since my discovery of Homeschool Share and all of the wonderful units housed there, we have started studying about a topic, then visiting the appropriate museum. So far, of the places we have visited around here, my favorite has been the science museum.

Originally the Onmiplex, the Science Museum Oklahoma changed it’s name a few months ago, but to my knowledge it is still the same on the inside. I was really impressed by the size of the museum. We went specifically for the Human Body traveling exhibit, but did spend some time looking around other areas too.

The human body was really cool. You couldn’t take pictures inside, hence the reason I have none, but they were real human bodies dissected in different ways to highlight the body systems. It was the perfect end to out unit study about the human body. It was a little pricey, but definitely worth it!

One really cool thing (that I was not expecting) was the exhibit about the AWACS. They had a section set up like the inside of the plane and a video about all the training. There were also some models of the plane set up.

Among other fun things? A giant slide,

water stuff,

and face painting.

It a funny story about the face painting actually. I did Madison and she did me. So you can guess what mine looked like – a big blob. After we left the museum, I completely forgot that I had it on and continued to do the rest of my errands – went out to lunch then went to the base, where the gate guard asked me “Got your war paint on today?” It was pretty funny, after I got over my embarassment.

And last but not least, my favorite part of any museum: the gift shop. It was a pretty amazing shop, with lots of fun and educational souviener. So what did my wonderful daughter choose to remember our trip (about the human body)? A butterfly glittery snow globe ring. Oh well. It was only $2, right? I also made her get a human body pencil (plus we bought a lollipop with a real bug in it – how cool is that??).

There was also a space exhibit and a planetarium that we skipped completely since we are planning to do a space unit in a few weeks and that will give us an excuse to go back 🙂

If you want to see the rest of the pictures from our trip, visit our album at Flickr.

This post is part of a meme at Heart of the Matter online. If you want to read about more field trips, visit them!


3 thoughts on “Our Field Trips, OKC Style (Part 1)

  1. Looks like you have a great time. I think it is great that you let your daughter paint your face knowing it would probably look like a blob.

    We love science museums. They are so fun aren’t they? We went to ours twice this year.

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