Week 18 and 19 Report

I really thought I was going to do a better job with these weekly reports!  I’d say I’m turning a new leaf over now, but I can’t promise that, so you’ll just have to take what you can get…

Week 18

On our way home from New Mexico, we were scheduled for a 40 minute layover in Dallas.  Well, coincidentally, my brother was on his way to Basic Training in San Antonio (he just joined the Air Force), and he also had a layover in Dallas.  I was going to miss him, since my layover was so short, so I talked to the flight attendants, and they not only rescheduled me for a later flight, but also told me what flight my brother was coming in on.  Wow!  I had read some negative reviews about American, but I had an extremely positive experience with them.  So, that being said, we ended up in the airport for 6 hours.  Good thing I brought extra school work!

I scheduled a unit study on planes, which worked out really well with the above.  We read a lot of books and made paper airplanes.  We also did several reading lessons with Headsprout, finished the letter o in ETC, did math, bible, and a little art.

Week 19

Another normal week.  We didn’t have a unit study this week because I just didn’t make it to the library (imagine a sheepish look on my face right now).  I had planned to do cowboys, but we are doing that this week instead.  It worked out well actually because my little sister who is still in high school had a choir concert on Thursday, so we drove up to Wichita for it (about two hours), then drove back home on Friday.  We also got back on the Green Hour Challenges, which I plan to post more about later, and finished ETC Book 1.

This week, we will finish up the first half of Horizons Math, and hopefully we will get the Right Start program I ordered from the homeschool convention so we can switch over to that…

Have a good week!


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