A photo documentary…

Or “Our trip to New Mexico, with captions…”

Standing in front of the Rio Grande.

Playing with blocks.

At White Sands National Monument.

Feeding/Petting the chickens with Grams.

Running through Papa’s pecan orchard.

Playing in the tree house.

At the Las Cruces Railroad Depot/Museum.

Helping in the garden.

The only thing that would have made this trip better for Madison is if some of her cousins had been there to play with her!  Still, she told me that she wants to go back and visit again, by herself 🙂


6 thoughts on “A photo documentary…

  1. Hi Amy! I tagged ya! Come over to my blog if ya can…Not sure if you like those or not… so no worry if you dont want to play! *Ü*


  2. She is so cute!!!!!

    Also, if you want to play…oh no! Lisa beat me to it! Anyhow…I tagged you too! come check it out!


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