Week 16 1/2 Report

For the last week and a half, we have been studying the human body – I waited to post this weekly report because I wanted to include all the human body stuff in one big post, plus we are leaving tomorrow for a week in New Mexico with my grandparts, so today is the end of our week 17.  Well, we are taking a little bit of stuff to do in the airport, but we are pretty much done.

We had a really great week!  We used a unit that I am creating for the HSS Blast contest, and I really enjoyed it.  We used the books Inside Your Outside, by Tish Rabe, The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, by Joanna Cole, plus about 20 other books that were about the body system.  Some of the fun stuff we did was 1) Make a brain, 2) Draw a human body outline and fill in the major parts – we did this with chalk since I didn’t have any butcher paper, 3) Make a plaster mold of our hands, and 4) A trip to the human body exhibit at our science museum.  I don’t know if you have head of this exhibit, but it is actual human bodies dissected, and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life.  Madison thought it was a little gross, and I guess I did too, but it was also really cool.  I have pictures of all this stuff, but I forgot my computer at my parents house this weekend and my husband is out of town for work (and had the nerve to take his computer with him!!), so I am at the library typing this before we leave town tomorrow.  Anyway, to read more about our unit, you will have to wait until it is published at HSS.

The rest of our week was regular, although I am contemplating a few changes to our curriculum, mainly math…  I am thinking about switching to Right Start.  Some other things I wanted to blog about:  how we use our memory CD (since I was asked 🙂 ),  our upcoming unit studies, our current progess with Headsprout, and much much more… but all that will have to wait until we return from New Mexico.

We also went to the circus with Grandma Sandy on Friday night.  That was definitely an experience, and again, I will post some pictures when we return home.  We;ll be back next Tuesday, so until then, have a great week!



3 thoughts on “Week 16 1/2 Report

  1. As a fellow homeschooler I’m loving your blog! I’m looking for a good bible timeline and guide for my 6 yr old. How do you like the one you are using? Do you think the beginner level is too young for a 6 yr old? Thanks.

  2. WOO HOO!! I know I asked about the CD!! 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile — Things have been busy with HOTM, but in a good way, and they are starting to slow down! I will do a much better job visiting all my bloggy friends — and posting on my own blog, ha!

    Have a great day!

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