My Favorite Billboard

Sorry it’s a little blurry – I took this from the car and from quite a distance, but the first time I saw this sign, I thought it was really funny and wanted to share my amusement.  Matt and I still play the billboard alphabet game and even Madison is starting to play with us 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Billboard

  1. Okay…confession…it took me awhile to “get” it, but I finally “got” it.

    That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittney :0)

  2. ok… Now I feel left out! Alphabet game?? I think I know the game if its what we play… but I dont get the joke! Help!

    Is it because z and q are so hard to find *Ü*

    Yes, my ignorance is showing! *Ü*


  3. Oh, that’s hilarious! We used to always play that on road trips…and pray we’d pass a Dairy Queen…but we would just count finding an “x” on a liscence plate. We needed that billboard!

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