We’re back…

…kind of…


We got home from our trip to Virginia on Thursday night – our plane landed around 8:00 pm, we went out for dinner, then I came home, unpacked, and spent Friday morning doing laundry and repacking for our trip to Kansas, which we left for on Friday afternoon, and we are still here. My brother is getting married on Friday, so the stress level around here is extremely high.

Regardless of that, we have been doing an excellent job getting school done away from home – I guess I will do a three week “weekly” report on Friday since I have been neglecting that. Actually, I probably won’t do it on Friday, since I think that is going to be a pretty busy day… maybe Saturday 🙂

So, about our trip – it was really great! It has been three years since I have seen most of my aunts and uncles out there, so they haven’t seen Madison since she was 1. They pretty much had the week planned out for us, which was great, and we got to spend a little time one on one with everyone, which was also great. Here is a brief run down (okay, I’ll be honest, it probably won’t be brief, but I am going to try!)

Friday: We flew out to VA, with a layover in Baltimore. We did school at the airport, then ate dinner at the Hot Dog King, a family favorite.

Saturday: We spent the day with my Uncle Don, Aunt Sharon, and cousins James and Amber. We went to the Air and Space Museum, Madison got a haircut (yes, on vacation… James was getting one and she wanted one too…), then we had dinner at Plaza Azteca – very yummy.

Sunday: After church, we spent the afternoon with my Uncle Jack, Aunt Deborah and cousin Joey. We went to Buckroe Beach, Chuck E. Cheese, then ate dinner back at the house.

Monday: My Uncle Jack took the day off of work and Joey took the day off of school to take us to the Virginia Aquarium. We ate dinner at the Crab Shack.

Tuesday: My grandma took Madison and I to the “historic triangle” in Virginia – Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. We’ve been reading books about Williamsburg and Jamestown for the last few weeks to get ready for the trip, so that Madison would already know what was going on, and I think it will be really neat when we actually get to studying them in history to pull out these pictures – and maybe she will remember something. I could have spent a whole week there, but a day was probably good for Madison at this age. I know we’ll be back someday. We ate barbeque from Pierce’s in Williamsburg… so good…

Wednesday: We went to the Virginia Living Museum with my grandma, James and Amber. It was really neat, kind of like a zoo with lots of animals, but other stuff too. I highly recommend it. But, they charged me the kids price… I really don’t think I look twelve (especially when I am holding my 4 year old daughter), but it saved me $3, so I guess I won’t complain.

Thursday: Another day at the airport – and more school. Madison cried when Granny and Bob dropped us off.

And a few more pictures that I just like:

I guess I did get my field trip week after all – and we still managed to get a week of school done 🙂 The only sad part of the trip is that Busch Gardens hadn’t opened yet. Maybe next time…


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