Sketch Tuesday

Last week, Madison was drawing on the easel she got for Christmas.  Matt asked her to draw a house, then a flower, a tree, a dog, a car, a truck, etc.

I was amazed at how much her drawing has improved, and I thought maybe it was time to add something art related into our curriculum other than free time at her art center.  I have seen a lot of people participating in Harmony Art Mom’s Sketch Tuesday and decided to add that to our week.  The assignment this week was to draw a dinner plate, with or without food.  Here is Madison’s interpretation:

And just in case you can’t tell what that is supposed to be, here is one with subtitles 🙂  Click on the picture to see it larger.

If you want to participate, head over to Harmony Art Mom’s blog – all ages welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday

  1. That is great! My 4yo does not draw. I’m trying to get him to though, and I need to start doing the sketch Tuesday. I intended to this week, but then I got a head cold.

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