Double Tagged!

Brittany at King Alfred Academy and Celly at Busy At Home both tagged me with this meme:

What’s on my desk? 

Well, technically, I don’t have a desk right now, since we are in transit.  I did, however, buy one to set the computer on, mostly for Madison to use when she does her reading lessons.  It was easier to have a place to set the laptop up where we could leave the webcam, the speakers and the printer all the time.  So this is the cheapest desk they currently sell at Wal-mart, since we plan to give it away when we move in a few months.

On the desk, we have the laptop, the printer, and the speakers.  I also have a letter from Kelly at Okinawa Raw on top of two Japanese Alphabet books she sent me all the way Okinawa (thanks again 🙂 )  Oh, and my cell phone, next to the printer.

On the side shelves, I have all our library books and our printer paper.  Underneath the desk is the books we have already read and my library bag, and a speaker that goes with our TV.  We just keep it under the desk so it is out of the way…

On top of the desk on the right is Madison’s progress chart for Headsprout, and on the left is a 100 chart that came with my Ruth Beechick book The Three R’s. We actually have used that chart quite a bit since I put it up; much more than I thought we would.  I was surprised.

In the drawer, I have CDR’s that I bought to make Madison’s memory CD, and that’s all.

Now, this is not truly an accurate representation of what is normally on my desk, when I have a desk, in my normal life.  A more accurate representation would be what I have on top of my dryer right now, but I am not going to take a picture of that 🙂  It’s bad…

I am supposed to tag 5 more people, but it seems like most of the blogs I read have already been tagged.  If you want to share what’s on your desk, check out the details at Apollos Academy and leave me a comment so I can check it out!


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