Cute Quote

A few weeks ago, we were walking home from a hockey game, past the art museum (this was before we went to the art museum in Kansas), and I said to Madison “We should go to the art museum sometime soon!  We haven’t tried it yet…”  It’s across the street from our apartment, so it would be an easy field trip for us.  Anyway, Madison said “I don’t like museums.  They’re boring.”  I, of course, immediately launched into a argument, listing all the museums we have been too and how much fun we had.  No luck. 

Since then, we visited the art museum in Kansas and the Cowboy Museum here in Oklahoma City and a few nights ago, we were at dinner when Madison said “When I grow up, I think I want to be a cook, or work at a museum.” 

I was shocked.  “What?  I thought museums were boring!  That’s what you told me a few weeks ago.”

“I never said that.  I love museums.  Especially that Cowboy one.  I want to work there.” 

Okay, then.  

As a side note, we were eating at the Cattleman’s Cafe, listed in the 1000 Places to See Before You Die in the US and Canada book.  I don’t know that I would recommend it.  It was good steak, but not as good as I expected since it was listed in that book.  It has great reviews, so maybe we just went on an off night, but I was much more impressed by the steak I got at Texas Roadhouse a few weeks ago.


One thought on “Cute Quote

  1. Isn’t it funny how quick minds can change. Oh, and I would prefer a steak from Texas Roadhouse any day over any other steak I have ever had and I have had a lot of steaks.

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