Week Ten Report

Wow.  We have had a week.  And let me just say I am so glad it is finally over. I have this concept that school should be fun, especially at this age, and between my grumpy moods and Madison’s grumpy moods, we did not really have fun this week…

So, I have come to the conclusion that I will need to build week breaks into our schedule – and this week should have been one of them.  Somehow we did manage to finish all our school except for one math lesson (which is pretty impressive), but it was a loooooooooooooooong week for both of us.

I will start with the positive –

Madison finished Explode the Code Book C this week!  After finishing it yesterday, I gave her the consonant pretest from ETC Book 1, which she, of course, passed with flying colors and we are ready to start with Lesson 1 next week.

We are 6 lessons away from finishing the first half of Headsprout, and Madison is doing so well with her reading!  I checked out some easy reader phonics books from the library last week and had Madison read them to me. For the most part, she has been able to read them, with a little help from me on the sounds she does not know.   I am really excited to see where she will be in the next two weeks.

Math was regular, except that we just ran out of time to do it one day.

Bible is great, although it seems like she is starting to retain less…  not sure how to remedy that, but I will be re-reading my teachers guide this week.  Hopefully I can add in some reinforcement activities.  We also started with the Scripture Memory System on Wednesday, which I love, love, love!  I don’t even think I can say how excited I am to get started on this, not just for Madison, but for me also.  I made up a list of our first 100 verses to memorize (and believe me, this took a LOT more time than I expected) and I am extremely optimistic about it.

Science, once again, we skipped.  I am toying with the idea of having a “Science Week” to make up for the fact that we basically don’t do it.  We can check out science books from the library, do lots of experiments, and culminate with a trip to the Science Museum.  The more I think about it, the more excited about this I am…

And that was about it for our week…

Except for today, and if we had a bad week, today was the worst of all the days.  Madison woke up late, 20 minutes before story time.  I won’t tell you what time story time is, because I was still sleeping too and I don’t think I want to broadcast how late I slept in…  Anyway, we rush around and make it to story time just a few minutes late.  Then Madison (who has been telling me all morning that her stomach hurts and I have been telling her to be tough) throws up in the middle of story time.  And before we make it out of the library, she says she has to go to the bathroom and has an accident in her pants, which I attempt to clean before taking her out to the car, where she throws up again before we get home.  And that was not the end of it.  Needless to say, it was a long day.  I am on my 3rd pair of jeans.  We were planning to head back to Kansas again for the weekend, but Madison and I stayed home and let Dad make the trip by himself.  Bummer.  And to top it all off, I am starting to feel sick – but I keep telling myself to be tough…

Have a great week – I know mine is going to be better!


4 thoughts on “Week Ten Report

  1. I love that picture of you and your daughter! How sweet!

    I’m so sorry you had a bad week…. you are right, next week is a new week! Just like tomorrow is another day!

    It sounds like you are moving along though… and that has to be satisfying….

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I hope both of you get to feeling better. Maybe next week will be a better week for both of you.

    I am so excited to hear how well Madison is doing with her reading. I know it is exciting to watch her learn.

  3. I’m so sorry 😦 I hope you get feeling better soon.

    Week breaks are great, but I never seem to know when I need them until the week’s over either. Some weeks are just like that. Luckily there’s always next week. Just keep going 🙂

  4. Hey Amy!

    Sorry to hear you had a tough week. Hang in there!

    I was feeling the same way you were about science. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. However, I have decided to drop a “formal” study and do a Nature Study. I am sure you have been bombarded with all of the threads on the boards! But seriously, this is so much fun and so easy to do! Maybe check out Barb’s green challenge. You may be encouraged!

    Hope you have a better week!

    Ps you have been tagged! Check out my blog for details!

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