Adding Nature Studies…

Just as soon as I think I have a plan, it seems like I read something new that completely changes my plan. In the last week, I have been reading about Charlotte Mason and while I am not ready to move away from classical education, there are a few aspects about Charlotte Mason that I am interested in incorporating into our curriculum, like scripture memorization, hymn study, personal development and habits, and nature study. So, while I finished up my tentative 12 year plan last week, this week I am already making changes to incorporate some CM ideas into it.

I would like to start including some nature study within our regular science (although let’s be honest, I’m not really doing any science right now…). I read about the Green Hour Challenges over at Harmony Art Mom’s blog, and I think it would be a fun thing to add to our curriculum, and might even keep me a little bit more accountable where science is concerned. And, as proof that this is meant to be, last night I was at Starbucks and found the cutest ever nature journal, which I promptly bought and brought home to inspire me to start on the Green Hour Challenge…



And for only $12.95, it wasn’t a bad deal, especially considering the $10 gift card I had from Christmas – thanks Mom!

So now my next challenge is to figure out where to go for our first Green Hour Challenge. I am thinking about Red Rocks State Park, if I can convince my dear husband to take me in this chilly Oklahoma weather, or possibly at my grandparents pecan farm if we are able to drive out to New Mexico this weekend (which we were actually planning to do if Matt can get a few days off work).



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