At the zoo again…

We went to the zoo again this past Monday because it is free on Mondays in February too (yeah!), and just happened to run into a homeschool family from our church. We spent the day with them, which we quite enjoyed. The picture above is my favorite of the day. To see the rest of our pictures, click here.


4 thoughts on “At the zoo again…

  1. The zoo is a fantastic place to hang out. We try to go every chance we get and try to visit others in the area. In fact, we road tripped down to Chattanooga on Saturday and went to theirs!
    Happy WW!

  2. How fun! The Tacoma zoo has a lorikeet exhibit you can walk into like that and feed the birds…. Its so much fun for the kids isn’t it? Parents too! *Ü*

    Happy WW~


  3. The zoo is a fantastic place to take a child to have fun. Plus you get to share in seeing and learning new things once again through their eyes. Though our kids are grown, we still on occasion join up with our kids for a trip to the local zoo.

    It is nice to see others who also have found that a day the zoo, can be a source of enjoyment to share with others.

    If offered, purchase a membership which alows you to go often. If you take your time, there is always something new you can find to see.

    See you at the zoo!

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